What We Offer

Look at some of the services we are offering in various medias

  Print Media Advertising

One of the oldest yet still effective mediums of advertising is Print Media. We understand the crucial existence of this medium in the media plan of a healthy advertising and magazine advertising through all major languages.

  Outdoor Advertising

One of our utmost strengths is highly effective Outdoor Media solution for every stream of the field. We possess special talent as well as expertise in the field and perfectly understand the nature of requirements.

  Digital Advertising

Digital media is rapidly growing inbudget proportions in all media plans globally. Considering that there is a booming demand in this field, we have established our own, in-house team of professionals for a successful digital Advertising campaign.

  Broadcast Advetising

Just as easily as Broadcast Media can be a support medium for your main advertising campaign, it can also be your main stay depending on your product and audience. We provide you great rates and wide option to advertise your brand.

  Event Management

We enjoy organizing events with challenging requirements and deliver best result based on a sound plan that predicts problems that ay arise during different phases of the event and effective execution.

  Portable Displays

We are leading supplier in many varieties of Exhibition Portable Display products. We are offering good quality, elegant, light weight, easy to carry and setup portable displays.

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Advertising Media Planning

We are an independent media agency which specializes in launching and growing brands. We work across a diverse range of clients and industries, providing an integrated service approach across all media ranging from media planning and buying .Our plans are based upon a detailed understanding of a client's marketing objectives and wider business aims. We have excellent relationships with media owners and executors and constantaly updated on the latest trends and technolocgy so we can evaluate and plan the most efficient campaign for each client.

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